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A recent sweeping study conducted by multiple universities in Egypt has helped to shed light on risk factors for children and HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). Over 1,800 middle-school aged children throughout the country were selected to participate in the study with an over 98% participation rate.

Warts Are An Equal-Opportunity Offender

The findings concluded that both males and females were equally at risk of contracting HPV and warts on their hands.

Just over 2% of both males and females had visible warts on their hands. While this is a relatively small percentage of the total population, it is a significant number of total children who suffer from this form of skin condition.

It makes sense that there is no difference in the distribution of warts between males and females since warts are caused by a virus, which can be contracted just as easily by either sex.

Some Factors Increase The Risk Of Warts On Hands

Two interesting factors that led to a higher percentage of cases were socioeconomic status and family size.

Children from poorer families had a higher probability of warts on their hands while those from middle class and wealthier families had relatively few cases.

Also, children from larger families showed greater risk of having common warts than those living in smaller households.

These two stats are most likely the result of the HPV’s ability to spread when children do not practice proper hygiene and they are in more frequent contact with others.

2 Things Worth Taking Away

We cannot over-emphasize the necessity of regular hand-washing and good general hygiene. Human Papilloma Virus, which causes the common wart, is easily spread through cuts, sexual contact, and bodily fluids. Therefore, make it a practice to bathe or shower at least once a day and keep your hands clean by using an antibacterial soap.

Life is all about relationships, but be aware that it is through contact with others that HPV is spread. Don’t limit your time with other people, but be aware of when you shake hands or are generally close to others and wash accordingly.

There’s no need to be a germ freak, but with minimal consideration, you can keep yourself free from these frustrating and embarrassing warts on your hands and elsewhere.




Secret Wart Removal Methods the Doctors Won’t Tell You

If you have a stubborn wart that even doctors can’t help you with, then it is time to turn to home remedies. In fact, many home remedies are even more effective and affordable than doctor or medical procedures to remove warts.

The following are some wart removal treatments that doctors don’t want you to know about because they are so inexpensive and affordable.

Here are some home remedies that you can try.

A home remedy to remove warts from your body is to use lemon slices, apple cider, and salt. To do this, be sure to slice a lemon and to soak the slices in a healthy batch of apple cider.

Add some salt to this solution and allow it to sit for a couple of hours. To apply this treatment, take the time to rub the slices on the affected area. You should see results within a few days.

Another effective treatment for warts is Echinacea. This is a great item to use to help your immune system work at its very best.

To use this product, take the time to apply the product to the affected area as many as three times a day. This can heal a wart in as little time as a few days to as many as a week or more.

Garlic really does make the world go round when it comes to removing warts from your body. This item is full of anti-viral agents to help rid your body of warts.

Take some garlic, peel it, and then cut a sliver or slice that is roughly the size of the wart. Press to your skin and hold it still with a bandage.

By doing this, a blister should form over the wart. With repeated applications, this blister and the wart should fall off.

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Consistency is the name of the game: If you treat your wart every single day, you can then be sure to get rid of it. One or all of the above treatments is sure to work for you no matter the location or size of the wart. Just by opening your medicine or kitchen cabinets, you will have the supplies you need to rid yourself of warts.