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Avoid the Doctor by Destroying Those Warts Yourself!

Don’t think that you have to walk into a doctor’s office to remove a wart.

If you look into home remedies, you can do this yourself. Going to a doctor can take a good deal of time, and it can definitely be incredibly expensive.

And of course, you can never be sure if a doctor’s treatments will actually work. The following are just some of the ways you can remove a wart without seeing the doctor.

Here are some home remedies worth a shot:

Often, the best ways to remove a wart yourself is to use the items that may already be in your home.

For example, one of the most effective remedies for warts includes the use of garlic and duct tape. The first thing you need to do is to peel your garlic and to cut a piece that will cover the affected area. You will then press the garlic to your wart with the use of the duct tape.

Keep the item covered for as much as a half hour every single day until the wart is gone. This may take a few days or it could take a couple weeks.

Hydrogen peroxide is another effective remedy for wart removal.

If you add this item to the affected wart, you can then be sure to see it fall off. This item is great because it hardens the wart and works fast.

The best part is that hydrogen peroxide can be found in most homes, so this is an easy treatment to pull off. This is an inexpensive and affordable treatment that is sure to work wonders on your wart.

For those who are serious about removing those unsightly warts…

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My wife wouldn’t hold my hand anymore, but after one week, I had gone from 10 warts on 2 hands to ZERO!

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Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Removal

Really, home remedies are some of the most cost efficient ways to deal with your warts. By taking the time to treat your warts on a daily basis, you can be sure to see it firm up, fall off, and heal.

You want to treat warts as early on as possible. This way, you can be sure that the wart will be removed in an efficient and affordable manner.


Sure-Fire Way to Remove Warts Discovered

I used to believe that warts came from picking up frogs… seriously. We all know that’s just an old wive’s tale. But no matter where warts come from, the thing is, nobody wants them. They are unsightly and can be worrisome, even though they are rarely pre-cancerous.

People with warts are always looking for ways to remove warts, because it seems that…

once a person is prone to warts, they seem to get them time and again and have to remove them repeatedly.

So here are some easy ways to remove warts that can be stubbornly hanging on. One of these remedies to remove warts is probably around the house, and others can be purchased for very little money.

Here are some powerful home remedies:

Tea tree oil, found in any health food store, is a natural anti-bacterial and the application of a few drops to the affected area will remove warts within just a few applications.

This is inexplicable since experts believe that warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) and therefore shouldn’t respond to an antibacterial remedy. But anecdotal evidence is still evidence and people who use this remedy to remove warts swear by it.

Another and much simpler remedy, though it may be a little unsightly, is a tiny square of duct tape. Duct tape, the great American fix-it-all, can not only repair old jet engines and holes in fences, but warts as well.

A tiny square taped to the area and left there until the wart disappears is another therapy to remove warts that will affect a cure within five to six days.

The tape will soften the wart and when the tape is removed, the wart will come with it.

I’ve written more extensively about home remedies for wart removal. Check it out on my blog.

For those with a bad wart:

If you are serious about removing your warts, I highly recommend you do what I did: use Wartrol. It’s a strange name, I know, but I’ve used it, and it definitely delivers!

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How To Wart Remover

Finally, a visit to the local or online drugstore will yield quite a few commercial products that contain ingredients which freeze or dry warts within a few days and come as a kit with not only the serum, but adhesive pads and complete instructions on how to remove warts.

These products are relatively inexpensive but quite effective in achieving results.